Spring Break, part 1

It’s confession time: I don’t think I’ve been this burned out ever. Ok, not ever but the past few weeks have been rough. Normally, in law school, your grade is determined by a single final exam. Thus, all the stress comes along in November/December or April/May. This is the most mid semester stress I’ve had in years. Spring break couldn’t come soon enough.

LCCMom decided to come out for my spring break this year. LCCMom and I have been spring breaking together since I was in utero. For years we went to Marco Island, Florida. Last year we went to Palm Springs. This year we’re just staying in LA for what will basically amount to a week of shopping, snacking, and making pit stops at Starbucks.

Some highlights so far…

Dinner at Pecorino. We ate there last time she visited and it was just as good as before.

fave bean salad

Pappardelle with beans and peas

We also hit up the Brentwood Country Mart for brunch at Farmshop. If you haven’t been its a MUST do. I didn’t blog it, but the meal was fantastic!

Because it’s been cold…

non fat latte from Caffe Luxxe

Today was the LA Marathon and it was a rainy, cold downpour. We posted up in Starbucks and watched the elites run by.

Lead wheelchair racer!

Watching this made me so insanely excited for Chicago.

We watched the rest from Tavern. Duh.

Chopped chicken, bacon, romaine, apple and point reyes blue salad

Buckle up for dessert…

Sticky. Bun. Bread. Pudding.

Good lord this was tasty. One of my favorite Tavern desserts ever. There will be more Tavern to come later in the trip…

And because it continues to be cold and rainy…

another non fat latte

The rain was so miserable LCCMom and I parted ways after lunch (I have a 30 page paper due the Tuesday after Spring Break) but not before buying ourselves some dinner for later from New York Bagel.


your monthly dose of NY Bagel wisdom…

I was very productive and celebrated with…


Chicken and Matzo Ball Soup

And a little at home yoga flow & headstand. I really wanted to run but its a monsoon outside. Better luck tomorrow?

Finally, this week is all about shopping. LCCMom and I hit up the consignment stores and I got a fantastic belted David Meister dress!

Yay for new professional wear that fits!

More exciting eats and activities ahead in the next week.

What are your ideal vacation activities? Nothing in more calming to me than shopping and eating.


9 thoughts on “Spring Break, part 1

    • just wait til you see my other “new acquisitions”! However, I bought a bridesmaids dress for a friends wedding that is definitely not me… bright pink strapless and short! I think it needs to be accessorized with some over sized pearls 🙂

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