Spring Break/Life Update

Hey blog followers!

Its been a long relaxing spring break. I ended up inadvertently detoxing from my iphone and blogging this week. I left my charger in LA and the internet reception in Palm Desert was bad. It wouldn’t load the whole site and I filed one post but it took forever so instead of stressing about it I decided to put my posts on hold. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t document my food consumption so get ready for lots of posts!

While in Palm Desert I did do a lot of shopping! I even got brand new running shoes.

They are New Balance 1064’s. Super light, its like running on air! It also has super support which is great for me because I have a really high arch and sometimes I have pain across the top of my arch when I run. I tried these shoes out on my Saturday run and they were great. It has been a while since I had run (another thing I took a break from over spring break) but I felt great and even extended my run by a 1/4 mile. Maybe it was the shoes, maybe it was the mix I was running to, or maybe it was leaving some anger on the pavement but it finally gave me the kick I needed to start to extend my run. So, here come some updates…


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