Ain’t no party like a pizza party

I am officially on spring break kids! LCCMom arrived in town on Friday and we have been living it up at Tavern ever since. On Saturday I brought her to a wild, wild spring break party at Kaitlin’s house.

What? Your idea of a hot spring break party doesn’t involve Rebecca Black with Harry Potter on in the background? Whatever. I’m pretty sure LCCMom thinks we’re all insane. It’s fine. After last night “Friday” is totally the new “Club Can’t Handle Me”.

Back to the main point: Kaitlin graciously hosted a bunch of bloggers friends at her apartment for a pizza making party last night. In attendance was Amanda & Andy, Kelly, Melissa, and myself. Baby Brick Beauty was woefully missed and we left her a drunken sweet voice mail. For the pizza party Kaitlin provided the basics (dough, sauce and cheese) and the attendees brought appetizers, toppings and dessert.

LCCMom and I were all over the appetizer situation. “It’s gonna be a situation” when we’re in charge of appetizers!

We brought a baguette, olive spread, and a white bean eggplant spread…

and while we were buying the spreads we tried a cheese sample (a soft Gorgonzola) and clearly we had to buy that too. I told you… it’s going to be a situation.

We ended up with some great topping options for the pizzas. In total we made 6 mini pizzas which we split.

Vegan pizza with butternut squash, onion, artichoke hearts, and arugula flowers and cheese pizza with a herb crust (!). Obviously, I ate the cheese.

Mediterranean pizza with artichoke hearts and black olives.

1/2 vegan, butternut squash, onion and broccoli pizza.

Broccoli, olive, and onion pizza.

And finally,

Pesto and garlic gold! This was probably my favorite pizza of the night!

In addition to the pizza, there was salad.

Simple, but delicious.

Melissa provided the dessert and it was amazing!

I forget what kind of cookies these were but they were soft and fantastic! Check Melissa’s blog, I’m sure she’ll have more deets about them. She also made a chocolate chip and peanut butter coffee cake. This was my and LCCMom’s favorite dessert.


We mostly drank wine, chatted and did blogger things. Like take pictures of bloggers taking pictures of bloggers setting up lighting.

What can I say? It’s what we do.

Overall, it was another great night with my friends! LCCMom had a great time and enjoyed getting to meet the LA blogger community. She also provided motherly guidance… she may or may not have cleaned out Kaitlin’s toaster at one point. Stay tuned… more spring break related posts upcoming!


8 thoughts on “Ain’t no party like a pizza party

  1. LOL we are definitely all insane. Mostly me. I really needed a break from my reality and Saturday was perfect for that!

    I can’t wait till my Spring Break. It’s in 4 weeks! I will be partying hard.

  2. Aw I wish I had blogging buddies to get together with. You’re very lucky. Even though my friends all know I blog, eyebrows are raised whenever I whip out my camera to shoot food. Sigh, they just don’t understand.

    But I was just talking about a pizza night with my friends, it looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Hahaha, I love it! Yellow Brick Baby! It has been dubbed! And guess what?!? No voicemail, I got robbed of the one fun thing of being forced to miss the dinner – boo!

    So sad I missed you guys. After break let me know when we can reschedule lunch! 😉

    Have a blast with your Mom this week!

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