seared scallops with crispy leeks

Its been a long time since I’ve seared a scallop. Too long. That’s why I was happy when I got a recipe suggestion from my Mother. The apple doesn’t fall far from the foodie tree. I mean who doesn’t want a crispy leek? Its nice to be related to people who understand the importance of crispy leeks and their need to be shared.

This recipe is so simple, quick and healthy. Seriously, seared scallops sound so fancy but they take less than ten minutes to actually make.

I started by making the leeks. I used one stalk, only the white and light green parts. I cut off the “head” and “tail” and cut the leek length wise in quarters. Then I washed the leek.

I made sure they were toweled off and then I combined in a small bowl with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

After mixing I arranged on a baking sheet and cooked for 10 mins at 425 degrees, tossing occasionally.

Meanwhile I used the same mixing bowl I combined salt, pepper, basil, and garlic powder. I left out the flour (whoops). After tossing the scallops I cooked them with EVO for 3 mins on each side.

It was around this time that the leeks came out of the oven and the brown rice that I was making was about finished.

Yum! Let me tell you, crispy leeks are where its at. They have a delightful crunch without breading or frying. Almost like a better, different onion ring. Personally, while I love onions, I really like the milder taste of a leek. The only thing I would do differently in the future is use less salt. It was wicked salty. I’m still working on the $3 bulk brown rice (love you WF) and the scallops were fresh, light and super satisfying. I need to make them more often. They are so easy so there is no excuse not to make them more.

Did I mention that the leeks and the scallops were 185 calories? Yep. More reason to add scallops and crispy leeks to every meal. Who said healthy food can’t taste good?

Want to make this dish? Try it for yourself!

What is your favorite recipe that someone else shared with you?


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