good day

Howdy blog world.

Today was a good day on many fronts. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to mention or photograph the weather until conditions in the mid west begin to improve. I will say that I went on my second 4 mile run in two days and also claimed personal victory on numerous levels today.

How does one celebrate a good day?

Truffle fries, obviously. As if there was even a question.

For lunch I decided to hit the UCLA food trucks. Luckily the Komodo truck was parked on campus today. I’ve heard good buzz about this truck and was excited to try it.

The Komodo truck serves tacos and burritos made with unique flavors. I went for a combo of two tacos and a side of truffle fries. The line actually moved pretty quickly and I barely had to wait for them to get my order. In my opinion, this is the mark of an excellent food truck. Sometimes no matter how good the food is the wait to get the food just can’t be justified. Not the case with Komodo. This crew is on its game.

First, I ordered Asian marinated chicken taco with stir fried rice and mandarin orange. This was my favorite part of the meal. The flavor of the citrus perfectly complimented the chicken. I think citrus might be my favorite compliment to any meal right now. Good thing it’s in season!

The second taco I ordered was the Komodo 2.0 taco with beef, jalapeno aioli & southwest corn salad. I liked this taco, but not as much as I liked the first taco. I will say that the corn and shaved radish with the beef was unexpected and tasty. The beef was very good. Perfectly cooked and lightly marinated. While I knew I was eating tacos I didn’t feel weighted down by what I was eating. All of the ingredients in the tacos were uber fresh and top notch.

And then, there were truffle fries.

Doused in Parmesan and truffle oil! While I looked for a place to sit I could smell the truffle oil wafting through the air. Definitely a delicious and well deserved splurge. Readers know that while I do aim for health I also aim for balance in my eating. Part of balance for me is allowing myself to have the occasional treat without beating my self up about it. I cannot remember the last time I had fries (maybe one month ago at pop champagne?) so I was long over due for some fries.  These were good and totally 100% worth it!

I did have one concern, do you use ketchup when you eat truffle fries? I’d love reader feedback. I mentally debated it for a good 5 mins before I opened one package on the side of my meal to dip only the least truffley of the fries in. I mean, the truffle is supposed to be like ketchup, right?

After I came home I started my weekend right by going on a 4 mile run. I had a great run. I felt a little bit dehydrated and got a phantom “hungry” feeling which I’ve blogged about before. Clearly I wasn’t hungry (see my large lunch above). My run was still great but I made sure to drink a ton of water after I got home.

Post run I used this foot rubz ball that my Mother sent me. My foot pain had been decreased as of late thanks to a reduction in mileage, yoga, and icing but every little bit helps, right?

When I first opened this Izzy totally thought it was a toy for her.

Exhibit A:

I regained control of the “toy” and used it on my foot.Izzy was still interested.

Eventually she let me roll my foot on the ball in peace. My foot felt great while using it and still feels good. I really like the “spikes” on the ball. The texture felt way better than rolling my foot on a tennis ball. I will keep you all posted on how my foot feels.

My weekend started today and will be a busy one! What are your weekend plans?


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