Squash Pasta Bake

Because I can’t get enough butternut squash, I made another recipe. I know. I know. One of these days I will cook without butternut squash. One day.

I love making baked pasta because its hearty and it freezes and reheats well. Always looking for a way to get leftovers as lunch. I also like pasta bake because you can throw in whatever you have in the kitchen.

Last night I used eggplant, butternut squash, and regular green and yellow squash.

I chopped and roasted at 420 degrees for twenty mins with EVO, S&P.

While roasting I cooked the pasta. I used two servings worth of brown pasta.

While the pasta cooks, grate cheddar cheese. Multitasking people! Use as much of as little as you like.

Set the cheese aside and drain the pasta. Once the pasta is drained put EVO in the bottom of the pasta pot and cook the onion (1/2 cup) and garlic (1 clove).

Take the squash and eggplant out, once the garlic and onion are done cooking combine everything BUT the cheese. Then in a baking pan layer the cheese and the pasta mixture.


I let it bake for, oh, 25 mins? I set the timer for 20 mins and checked on it to see how well the cheese was melted.


Yum! I wasn’t sure how the cheddar and the eggplant and squash would turn out but it was pretty dandy!

I think the most essential step is pre roasting the squash and eggplant. It really gives it that extra something special. I would definitely make this dish again. I ate a little less than half and had the leftovers for lunch today. Pasta bake always reheats so well. I love looking forward to lunch.

In other news: my Halloween box from my mom arrived! No one puts together a holiday box like my mother.

I got this awesome headband.

Blair Waldorf meets Halloween anyone? I love it.

I also got some delicious dessert!

Chocolate Bon Bons!

They were huge! I only had one last night and I had one tonight.

They were amazing. Thanks Mom!

Tomorrow night is my big going out night for Halloween. I am going to be a witch in a business suit (Christine O’Donnell anyone?) and hit the bars and parties with my Glendale entourage.

This is really just continuing a theme. I present Halloween, Senior year of college.

Yep. I was Sarah Palin (note: this is pre weight loss). What can I say, I like to dress against type. For those who don’t know me I am a uber progressive liberal in a very progressive race studies program. I’m just a fan of irony. At this rate I’ll be Sharron Angel next year.


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