LA Cancer Challenge Race Goals

Happy Halloweekend everyone! I went out last night with the Committee and there will be a recap coming at you soon but first I wanted to post about the race I’m running tomorrow: The LA Cancer Challenge.


The LA Cancer Challenge runs really close to where I live AND it benefits pancreatic cancer research. This is a cause close to my heart. My very good friend and Firm member Shahrin’s mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last December. Shahrin’s Mom is a strong and amazing women, traits she definitely passed on to my friend.

Shahrin and I Summer 09

It is really hard being across the country from your friend and her family when all you want to do is be there to support them. Shahrin did a walk for pancreatic cancer earlier this month, but I wanted to do my part across the country to support her and her mom. So here we are, the LA Cancer Challenge!

As you may know, I am running the Malibu Half Marathon in two weeks (AH!) so my goals for this race are to take it easy. I want to approach this race as just another long run and not as a race. I’ve been sick all week and while I am feeling better, I went on a short run yesterday and it didn’t feel very good. My goal for tomorrow is not to try to smash my PR but just relax and enjoy it. I have started running a lot more since my last 10K. Part of me wonders if because my training base is so much higher now, I will complete the race much more quickly. I’m not sure so again, I am just going to play it by ear.

Speaking of playing… Monica asked what songs I listed to when I run. Here is my playlist for tomorrow:

Obviously I like to listen to a mixture of music. I will write a more extensive music post later but as you can see, I love pop and hip hop. I try to pace my songs, notice the slower songs are towards the front… this is to encourage me to run more slowly at the beginning. Right now my “clutch” songs are “So Fly Like a G6”, “Power”, “All I Do is Win”, “No Love”, and “Sexy Bitch”. Any kind of David Guetta can’t be wrong 🙂

I also did packet pick up today. We got the best swag bag ever!

Reusable shopping bag. Excellent.

Lets break this down: mini brown rice, coffee, a toothbrush (I know I’m a huge dork for being excited about this, but I need a new one), and sweatbands!

The t-shirts were pretty awesome too!

It a tech shirt! This is great because while I love a cotton race tee, it is so easy to sweat through them. I know, for all you non runners out there its kinda gross to hear that. After 12 miles my hair was totally drenched so a cotton tee would be a bad idea. I may actually wear my shirt tomorrow. I love new gear!

OK, I’m off to carb load!


4 thoughts on “LA Cancer Challenge Race Goals

  1. 14th Annual LA Cancer Challenge 5K/10K Run/Walk & Kids Can Cure Fun Run October 30, 2011

    October 30, 2011 6:00am – 1:00pm

    October 30, 2011 marks the 14th Annual LA Cancer Challenge 5K/10K Run/Walk (LACC) and Kids Can Cure Fun Run held on the Veterans Administration (VA) Grounds in West Los Angeles. This fabulous Halloween-themed family event includes a 5K, 10K & Kids Can Cure Fun Run. The LACC hosts our Health and Fitness Expo with more than 60 outdoor exhibitor booths, activity tents and a stage with a huge video screen. The Expo also captures the Halloween spirit with a Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast, Kids Zone, costume contests for all age and a fun-filled day for all. At the heart of the LACC is our goal to unite generations, young and old, through physical fitness to create public awareness and raise much-needed funds for pancreatic cancer research.

    $15 Kids Can Cure Fun Run
    $35.00 5K or 10K Registration
    $75.00 5K or 10K Registration with Pre-Paid Priority Parking

    Veterans Administration Grounds
    11301 Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90073

    Additional Information:
    For more information, please contact Phillip Kim at or call (310) 473-5121

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