Special Delivery

Something is winging its way to Boston…

What do you do when you are cooking way too many treats? Send them to your good friend Carolyn obviously. Don’t worry, I’m getting treats in return! I can’t wait. I have found that when I bake I need to share with the people around me. I live alone and if I don’t share then I will eat them all myself. While I would like to live on an diet of creme fraiche, I don’t think that is a good idea for nutritional purposes. I can’t wait to get my box from Boston!

In other news: I got new running shoes! I logged way too many miles in my prior ones to still be wearing them to run. I’ve had some minor heel problems recently that really drive home the point that I needed new shoes. I had been wearing New Balance 1064’s which I love. They were pretty special because I ran my first race in them and did my first really exciting long runs in them. I need to stop. I’m starting to sound like a horder. I would have liked to get another pair of 1064’s. However, they are very expensive so I bought Brooks Ghost 3 instead. I went to FrontRunners in Brentwood and they were very helpful.

Apparently a lot of people really love these shoes, according to the Runner’s World forums. I wanted to try them today but it was rainy and I didn’t want to sully them in the mud.

I will report back after I have run in them!


6 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. What a sweet friend you are 🙂 I like baking for friends too.

    If all the sweets you bake don’t fit in that box, I can do pick-up service. I’ll pick them up from you for my own consumption. Aww, Only if we live closer to each other.

    Nice kicks, don’t own any Brooks brand, always worn Asics and Nike shoes. Maybe my next pair will be Brooks. I logged 300 miles on my last shoes, not good 😦

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