Takeout Time

Sometimes you just have to waive to white flag of surrender and order takeout. Don’t you agree?

I went out last night to Bar Review at The Abbey. It was a blogger vacation night so no pictures. I got home at a reasonable hour (1:30 am) and was able to sleep “late” til 8:00 so I thought I would feel fine today. However I tossed and turned all night long. I think I got a total of 3 hours of sleep or so. Ugh. So awful. I ingested enough coffee to stay awake through Evidence and then I crashed.

Mid crash I went on a 4 mile run to break in my shoes. It was not my best effort. 1.5 miles in I realized that I couldn’t maintain my pace and slowed down. I turned some less intense running music and tried to chill out.

When I got back I realized I had no energy for cooking so I decided to get takeout from Thai House in Westwood. I rarely get takeout. Normally I can wander around my kitchen and figure out something to roast. Tonight I just wasn’t having it. So I started with Mint Spring Rolls:

The mint rolls are so fresh and they have shrimp! Can’t argue with that.

I also ordered an old standby, Pad See You with chicken:


I also got my cookies from Carolyn and they are fantastic. They completely made my day. I will photograph them tomorrow because I am sitting on my couch with a blanket and I am some dirty dishes and a shower away from face planting in my bed. At 7:30 pm. I know. I’m so cool you just can’t handle it. Party. Animal.


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