The Emmy Awards!

If you know me you know that I am a pop culture junkie and that I live for awards shows. I love everything about award shows. I love the dresses, the suspense, the surprise moments and the montages. That’s right, I live for a montage. And when I watch an award show I am watching the WHOLE thing. From the pre show on E! to Ryan and Guiliana on the red carpet for E!, the entire show, snippets of the after show and the Joan Rivers Fashion Police the next day. Can I also just say that I miss Joan Rivers on the carpet? Yes, now that I listen to him on the radio Ryan Seacrest has grown on me a little bit but no one can replace Melissa and Joan. Love them!

This morning I went to Yummy Yoga with Molly (great studio and awesome, sweaty class) and got back just in time for the pre show and red carpet. In LA they start at 2 pm! As the show was starting I made this delicious pizza, of which I only ate 1/2.

On this pizza: whole wheat dough, heirloom tomato, garlic, sun dried tomato, capers, S&P, onion, goat cheese and prosciutto. I’m already excited for lunch tomorrow!


After a while I decided that it was time for a mid show cocktail.

Your St. Germain fun fact of the day: each bottled is numbered and has the year on it. Here is mine:

Today I made a simple cocktail: a mix of prosecco and st. germain.

Ah the sweet glow of TV. That would be Kyra Segwick picking up her award. The Daily Show just won. Clearly I have to get back to my show and live tweeting! Click on the side bar to follow me if you don’t already!


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