It’s Cocktail Time!

Oh my friends, I have had a day.

My beloved iphone was snatched out of my purse while I was perusing heirloom tomatoes at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. After panicking and running back to the last location I remember having it (JCrew, obviously) I realized that it was really gone. After a trip to the AT&T store I realized that there was no way to get another iphone. There were no iphone 3gs’ in LA. I ended up with a HTC Aria, which is a smart phone that operates on the andriod system. It’s not my iphone. The idea of my baby being violated by someone that isn’t me makes me sad but new year, new hair, new phone I suppose.

I rallied this afternoon with an amazing 7 mile run. I felt incredible and strong. After running and getting treats at Cheesecake Factory with Danielle I decided it was time to make a cocktail with my St. Germain. I decided to make a French Gimlet.

First things first, collect your ingredients.

St. Germain is a made from Elderflower in the French Alps. The blossoms are taken down from the hills on bikes by 50 men. This is the entire collection for the entire year. The flavor is kind of fruity and floral but not at all sweet or sour if that makes any sense. It is used in many cocktails and is exquisite.

You need one parts St. Germain.

Two parts dry gin.

and lime! I used a new instrument to squeeze them…

My mom sent this to me. Love that she is always looking for new bar ware.

Combine all the ingredients in the martini shaker and mix it up. Pour into a martini glass.

Mmmm. I love a twist on a gin cocktail. Adding St. Germain only makes gin more delicious.

Crisp cocktails are amazing. Study up on St. Germain here. There will be more cocktails to come, and possibly a pop quiz on St. Germain’s many uses.


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