Run Around

Today was my first day back at running because post race running just didn’t happen this week. Despite my proclamation a few weeks ago, June gloom didn’t actually lift until yesterday. Thus it has been much hotter! With sun in the AM temps go up. When I went for my usual late run it was still in the 70’s which, according to Runners World will seriously slow down and stress your run. It was hard. I took a couple breaks at stop lights and tried to take it slow but it was not easy.  Whatever, it happens.

Then I came home and made dinner which was boring.

Clearly I have become complacent… I think I have to go back to meal planning which I have fallen off of since, ummm, finals? Literally, yesterday I was trying to think of a good, unique dinner that I made recently and I can’t think of one. Sad. I will resolve to be better.

Also, you know what a good pick me up is?

Citrus! Instant pick me up. I need more orange slices in my life!  In fact, I am off to have more now…


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