Set Your Intention

You know what my favorite part of yoga is? Setting your intention for the practice. It always helps me get in the right mentality for the practice and sort things out. Here is what I sorted out today:

  • In life there are very few things we can control. When I let go of the desire to control the world around me I feel at peace.
  • Everyday we all do the best we can with what we have. I’m human, not super human.
  • Letting go of control allows me to let go of worrying.
  • Worrying does not equal control. So, then, why are we worried again?
  • I am so grateful for the beautiful city that I live in!

I snapped this shot as I was leaving yoga. How pretty is my city?

The light!

Yoga helps me see the beauty in every day. I am so grateful for it today.

Anyway, after yoga I got take away from California Roll Factory which has two locations: Beverly Hills and West LA. I hit the West LA location for some sushi take out. I just didn’t have it in my to make another “no sink” meal. And I am so glad I did because I came home to this:

HOT KITCHEN MESS YA’LL! The sink is being worked on… still being worked on? The cabinets were open when I got home, there was no note… I’m unsure if I can use the sink so I was very happy I had take away. Izzy seemed completely traumatized. Don’t worry she got some party mix for her troubles.

Then I got into my sushi… I got fresh water eel roll and shrimp tempura roll.

So glad I satisfied my sushi craving. Sometimes you just take to take it easy and get take out. This is life.

-Left Coast


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