The End of June Gloom

When I say June Gloom I mean both the LA weather and my bad mood! I got a great nights sleep last night and when I woke up today I was in a much better mood. Thank goodness. Bad moods can be really trying sometimes.

Today at work I did a good job of controlling my candy cravings. At my workplace there are several dishes of candy sitting out. I’ve been eating 5-8 pieces a day. :\ Oh well, can’t win them all! Today I was much better and one had one piece. I need to keep this up! I have a definite propensity to over eat, especially when I’m stressed, in a bad mood or bored.

After my glorious success at work I came home. Today is an off day for workout and I simply put some ice on my knee. I decided to have a “catch as catch can” type of dinner. About a 1/2 portion of leftover mac and cheese and this salad…

What can I say, I was craving a salty meat. The arugula in this salad was super spicy. I bought from a different vendor this week and I think it made all the difference.

For dessert I had a “new invention”

Peanut butter spoon! So so delicious. One tablespoon of peanut butter and a small amount of chocolate chips. Can’t go wrong. Plus the peanut butter is filling so I can’t just snack on chocolate chips all night.

Plus I also had..

Sleepy time tea in my Starbucks double walled Valentine’s day mug makes my night. Especially a cold cool night like this one.

I think the key for me to lose weight is eating super healthy filling snacks and meals. Anyone have any snack suggestions?


3 thoughts on “The End of June Gloom

  1. fresh fruit/fruit salad is the best! It’s super filling, has lots of fiber, and if you get something really sweet, like fresh pineapple, it’s like candy!

    And my lifesaver, fat-free Greek yogurt with a bit of honey. Very filling.

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