Yoga brings me home

You know what the best destressing technique is? Sitting with one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach and deep breathing. Yoga taught me this little move and it has always helped me when I feel overwhelmed. That is my tip of the day.

Today I actually took a picture of everything I ate. It is harder to do then it might seem! Here we goooooo!


I had a super filling Cinn breakfast cookie!

AM Snacks:

In the morning I snacked on a piece of candy and some Trader Joe’s Fruity Flakes…

Check what we found in the candy dish today! Hangen’ Tough!!!



For lunch I had a homemade salad, pop chips, and one slice of Ezekiel bread…

On my salad I used hummus instead of dressing which is lower in calories and also had protein and, I think, tastes better.

Only 100 calories!

I only had one slice out of the two. I was so full!

And to drink? I had a non fat sugar free iced latte from Coffee Bean! WEEEE! I love Coffee Bean!

PM Snacks:

Throughout the afternoon I had a zbar (because it tastes like dessert!)

On the way to yoga after work I had a larabar. I was really stressed during the final hour of the day and, despite having lots of filling food today I was starving because of the stress! Today was a little “bar heavy” but its easy and quick. I packed an apple bar being its my favorite flavor!


Power Yoga tonight was awesome! We did a ton of arms stuff, push ups, and hip openers. I loved doing frog pose. We also did tons of abs work including a crunch where we were lying on our backs with our legs in butterfly and then doing crunches! Holy lower abs! Then we had to lift our legs off the ground by 1 foot and continue crunches. Yowza, I will feel that tomorrow.

We also had an awesome meditation. This teacher actually plays a song on his ukulele and sings while we meditated. I love meditating after a good sweat. It always puts life in perspective and calms me down. Overall, a wonderful yoga workout.


I had a conference call after dinner so I had a quick dinner:

Trader Joe’s tomato bisque

During my meditation my mind kept drifting to Brussels Sprouts so I just had to have some for dinner.

I’m exhausted and off to bed! Who is getting excited for a three day weekend? Do you have any fun 4th of July plans?


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