My Bucket List

So this morning I was reading Carrots N Cake like usual, and Tina announced that she was going to run and marathon and she posted her bucket list. Because I have finals tomorrow and needed a distraction I worked on my bucket list all day today. Let me know what you think, 100 things I want to do before I die:

  1. Drive a convertible up sunset blvd.
  2. Spend an entire summer on the Vineyard
  3. Crush grapes at a vineyard
  4. Get my J.D.
  5. Adopt a rescue dog
  6. Fall in love and get married
  7. Own a home
  8. Work on a political campaign
  9. Have a spiritual awakening
  10. Argue a case in front of a judge
  11. Buy a Birkin
  12. Write a book
  13. Live in Paris
  14. Travel all over Italy
  15. Go to Germany
  16. Go with the firm on a 5 star vacation somewhere warm and exotic
  17. Mentor someone like Theresa Perry mentored me
  18. Have my name on a plaque somewhere on Simmons’ campus
  19. Be my own boss
  20. Have a garden and grow all my veggies from it
  21. Get my driver’s license
  22. Expand my blog and get its own URL
  23. Go back to Istanbul
  24. Go to Lollapalooza
  25. Sing in a choir
  26. Go to San Francisco
  27. Eat at French Laundry
  28. Go to Fiji
  29. Have a subscription to the New York Times
  30. Attend a Presidential Inauguration
  31. Vote for a female democrat for President (primary election doesn’t count) & she gets elected
  32. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  33. Take a bartending class
  34. Go skinny dipping
  35. Go to a Turkish bath
  36. Drive cross country
  37. Go horseback riding on the beach
  38. See the grand canyon
  39. Meet Hillary Clinton
  40. Meet Martha Stewart
  41. Go to Culinary School
  42. Travel the French Countryside
  43. Eat at the Turkish barbeque at the Kipinski Palace in Istanbul (again)
  44. Open a restaurant
  45. Learn how to make sticky buns
  46. Be a mother
  47. Ride a mechanical bull
  48. Go to every Starbucks in Boston Proper (I might have already done this but I have to check)
  49. Be elected to an office (anything from PTA to the Senate, doesn’t matter)
  50. Go to Africa
  51. Learn to Golf
  52. Be a Simmons Success Connection Mentor
  53. Own a hybrid car
  54. Travel up the California Coast on the 1
  55. Watch oral arguments in front of SCOTUS
  56. Cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner all by myself
  57. Have a cupcake from Magnolia
  58. Get to & maintain my healthy weight
  59. Sail on the Charles River
  60. Buy a bicycle and actually use it on a regular basis
  61. See the pyramids in Egypt
  62. Ride a camel
  63. Go to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party
  64. Run a marathon
  65. Do a wine tasting
  66. Renovate an entire house from top to bottom
  67. Camp in Yellowstone
  68. Sail around the world
  69. Meet Ina
  70. Go to every state in the country
  71. Go see a stand-up comedy show
  72. Live on the beach
  73. Learn to surf
  74. Encourage a young woman to attend a women’s college
  75. Read all 3 Master of the Senate books
  76. Have an outdoor shower in my backyard
  77. Get really good at tennis
  78. Fire a gun
  79. See the 7 wonders of the world
  80. Hook up with a celebrity
  81. Visit all the Boston sites mentioned in “The Namesake” in one afternoon
  82. Have coffee with Jhumpa Lahiri
  83. Pass the California Bar
  84. Vacation on a (nearly) deserted island with my husband
  85. Find a job that makes me happy
  86. Be self fulfilled
  87. Use a dog sled
  88. See Madonna in concert
  89. Order a $800 bottle of champagne
  90. Be content no matter what I’m doing
  91. Fall in love and go to Paris
  92. Kiss a random hot man on the street
  93. Go to Sweden
  94. Stay up all night dancing with my girlfriends from college
  95. Grow old with someone I love
  96. Raise productive citizens
  97. Be self accepting
  98. Attend the Democratic National Convention
  99. Sleep in a castle
  100. Hold my best friends’ babies
  101. Finish 1L

So bloggies, what’s on your list?


6 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Love it! I may stow away in your baggage for all those fancy, swanky vacays and trips you want to go on, just to warn you. 🙂 Also, I’ll go to the Kentucky Derby with you! I’ve always wanted to go and wear a shmancy sundress and big hat, because really, what does anyone else care about at that thing? The horse race?! HA! 😛

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