Driving Lesson 3…

On driving lesson 3 I drove on the 10 to the 405! My instructor said that I am ready to take my driving test! Watch out LA.

I have plenty of updates ready to roll however, they might not be posted until the end of the weekend. I have my final 1L memo due Tuesday (and its graded) and I have a cite checking assignments due soon as well. However, today I managed to do a lot of walking. I treated myself to eggs with asparagus and avocado.  It was really good! I walked a total of two hours today and was feeling pretty good! This afternoon wasn’t as good. I felt really really down and then went to a BBQ with some friends. It was nice to get out of the house when I was feeling down but I ate so much! I had two cupcakes, brie, white bread, and two smores. Not my best moment. Oh well, taking the advice of Tina at CarrotsnCake, I’m going to try not to be too down about it. I will pick myself up tomorrow and go on a run. After all, tomorrow is another day…


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