Jody Maroni's

While strolling the Venice boardwalk on Sunday my Dad and I decided to stop for a hot dog at Jody Maroni’s.

Being Chicagoians, we take our hot dogs seriously and high discerning standards. Dad got one but in true Chicago fashion only got mustard and onion.

I was a little less by the book. I had the works: onions, relish, ketchup, and mustard. It was such a good hot dog! Totally grilled to perfection with a great combo of ingredients.

The fries were also so amazing. They were fried to perfection and also salted within an inch of their life.

mmmm. topped the whole thing off with a diet coke.

Nothing like strolling along on a lazy Sunday with a nice diet coke!

Also, an exciting announcement. Yesterday was the busiest day on left coast contessa with the largest number of hits coming on my health post. So glad ya’ll liked my before pic so much. I should post bloated before shots of me more often 🙂


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