Do you Run LA?

Remember a couple days ago when I posted about She Runs LA? The first ever digital race happening all over LA and concluding in a big party and concert with Mike Posner?

Well, I have some exciting news!

I have been provided with a promo code for the first 50 people who respond to this post. Basically, you will get race registration AND into the party for free. Free race and Mike Posner concert? Awesome deal!

How to get the code: Just leave a comment on this post and I will email the first 50 people who respond with the exclusive promo code and registration information! So easy!

While it is encouraged you don’t need to have a Nike+ app to participate (although it should be noted that its only $30 and an excellent way to track your runs!)

So who’s in?!


Epic Saturday II

Immediately after leaving ColLAboration the fun continued with a trip to Henry’s, an awesome grocery store near Kaitlin’s house. Obvi the Two Boo’s join too!

We were in need of provisions, like cheese, crackers, and salami.

So inappropriate Andy.

We got back to Kaitlin’s chilled with Mark and ate cheese so quickly that I didn’t get a picture of it. What can I say? I love cheese and crackers so much.

After stuffing our faces with cheese we made our way to Umami in Studio City.

I’ve only ever been to Umami in Santa Monica, so I was excited to try a new Umami. The menus at the various locations are different and I had my fingers crossed for cheesy tots. This location was hopping when we arrived and we had a 45 min wait for a table. But that was OK because we know how to have fun while waiting for a table.

Photos + Shopping

FACT: Amanda looks good in children’s hats.

After a wait we finally got a table. Only problem? 6 of us were stuffed into two two-tops. We got awkward and we got cozy.

Still cracking up over the look on Andy’s face!

While the service left a little bit to be desired, I have to say that the décor was awesome. I loved the wall paper and the chandelier.

Because of all the service issues our server brought over complimentary truffle cheese fries. This improved everyone’s mood!

Then we dug into the menu. I’ve been to Umami several times before and I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner:

Manly burger, here I come. I mean, smoked salt onions, beer cheddar cheese and bacon? Sign. Me. Up.

What can I say about this that I haven’t said before? Juicy burger, beer cheese (tons of it, dripping), onions, and a soft bun. I am not a big burger eater but I will love this one forever. I know I should venture out of the menu but this is pretty damn perfect.

Sadly, there were no cheesy tots to be had at Studio City Umami, but they did have tempura onion rings!

While I had my heart set on cheesy tots, these rings were delicious! Super salty and the tempura was way crispier than traditional onion rings. These are probably in the top 5 of the best onion rings I’ve ever had. Yes, I rank onion rings. Is that weird? I didn’t think so.

After a very filling and very tasty meal I made sure that I saved room for cake! Kaitlin made a Snicker doodle cake for Mark’s birthday.

Happy birthday Mark! Make a wish!

Can I just brag about Kaitlin’s baking skills for a second? This cake was yummy and the flavor was off the chain. You know when you get a flavored cup cake or cake slice and you can barely taste the flavor? Isn’t that annoying? That was NOT a problem here. The cake literally tasted exactly like a snicker doodle! I only had a small slice because I was so full from three beers, cheese, crackers, burgers, and two rounds of fried goodies.

Overall, I love the food at Umami but the service we received left a lot to be desired. Kaitlin put a lot of effort into trying to make the night special for Mark and the service kinda put a damper on the evening. I don’t want to get into the details, but I received much better service at Umami Santa Monica.

What do you do when you have crappy service? Amanda and Kaitlin took the reins dealing with the questionable service (specifically, charging for things we weren’t supposed to be charged for, rudeness) and I was glad because normally I’m too intimidated to complain.

How to Survive a Rainy Day in LA

I know I shouldn’t complain, but it has been rainy for the last few days. This is a rarity in LA and a mark of Fall and Winter. I especially shouldn’t complain especially to my family and friends who live in Chicago and Boston and put up with crappy weather for most of the year, but when you are used to perpetual sunshine rain can take you by surprise. Here are the essential steps to take.

1) Get your cute rain gear out! Its harder to be upset about rain when you have a cute outfit on. I suggest an olive colored trench coat and adorable rain boots. Mine are hot pink.

2) Get ready for a long commute. Good news: rain in LA is almost apocalyptic so everyone else will be late too.

3) Watch “Rainy Day Women”, from Season 2 of the O.C. Yep, its that episode where it rains. Seth and Summer kiss upside down while he wears a Spider Man mask because he has no rain gear (in So Cal, no one carries an umbrella on rainy days because its ‘so crazy’). Other highlights include Lindsey moving to Chicago, Sandy vowing to help Rebbecca and her fleeing after a car accident, Julie and Kristen drink at the office and try to one up each others drama (husband helping convect ex girlfriend vs. lesbian daughter), and everyone talks about how no one can drive in Southern California when it rains. Overall, it is a rainy day in So Cal classic and MUST be watched.


4) Pour yourself a cup of tea. That is what I did when I came home from school. It was chilly outside and wet. All I wanted was a cup of tea. I used Winter Tea that my brother bought me from the coffee shop he worked at in Wilmette (our hometown), Links Sweet Bean.



“What’s that Mom?”

“MMM! Tea!”

“Can I have some? Please?”

Because the Tea is loose I used a lovely tea pot I got for last Christmas.

The tea was exactly what I wanted on a cool, wet day like today. Nothing is better than wrapping up in a blanket, drinking tea, and watching the OC. And never fear. The number 1 rule of rain in LA? It won’t last long. The sun will come out tomorrow (or the next day at the very latest) so enjoy the rain while you can.

Ready, Set, Blog! Project Food Blog Challange 1

Welcome to Left Coast Contessa! My name is Katherine. I’m a 23 year old law student cultivating a healthy lifestyle and exploring Los Angeles.

The first challenge for Project Food Blog, a blogging competition hosted by Foodbuzz, is to introduce my blog and describe what defines me as a blogger. This has made me to think, who am I as a blogger?

Well, my food philosophy is simple: I love delicious, delectable indulgences crafted from clean, local ingredients.

I enjoy sipping cocktails,

putting together pizzas,

indulging in dessert,

reviewing restaurants,

exploring my surroundings,

all while studying for my law degree.

Food blogging is my escape from everyday.

I enjoy cooking with luxurious ingredients but I live on a federally funded student loan budget.

I believe in wine

and cupcakes like I believe in voting: early and often.

I am your average 23 year old student. I like to make special, extravagant recipes while accommodating my student budget. I don’t have a lot of time or money, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be special or that it has to be frozen.

Vote for me starting September 20th!