Orange-you Glad its Thursday?

Cheesy title, I know but I couldn’t resist. I am so glad it’s finally Thursday. Wednesday is my busy day so having it past me is a relief.

Tonight instead of going out and doing something fun I stayed in to outline (taking all my notes and breaking them down into a short, valuable document which can make or break an exam). After working for a couple hours I decided it was time to eat. But what should I eat?

One moment I was looking at this:

What to make,  what to make…

Even Izzy was perplexed. Yes. I went there. Don’t blame me. Blame it on the hearsay exceptions.

Then I saw a giant orange and some beef and before you know it I was roasting veggies, making orange scented couscous and grilling beef and orange. I know. I have a sickness.

This was the final product.

Roasted parsnips, potato and broccoli, yes I had couscous and potatoes. It’s almost finals. I’m entitled.

Orange Scented Couscous which basically involves cooking couscous with orange zest and is fantastic!

Orange and Balsamic Grilled Beef. The flavor combo was inspired by this months Everyday Food. I took orange zest, balsamic vinegar, and juiced half of a giant orange and grilled the beef in the sauce. This was obviously an improv kinda thing with no recipe so I wasn’t sure if it would orange or balsamic enough but it turned out pretty good. The flavor came through and it was nicely complimented by the couscous. And yes, I grilled the orange slices.

Pretty delicious for having no clue what I was going to make for dinner. Yum!

Hope you had a happy Thursday!