Lunching at Huckleberry

This is a LONG overdue post. I have been dying to eat lunch at Huckleberry for over a year. I had a sensational salted caramel there right after I started this blog (I had my 2 year blog birthday this week!) and I’ve always wanted to go back to lunch. The line always seems so long that I never bothered to try and eat there.

That all changed the weekend after finals ended. I met up with my dining buddy Kelly for lunch at Huckleberry to decompress from the semester. Kelly and I have dined together so many times, we have our system down to a science. We decided to get a salad to split and two sandwiches which we would also split. Luckily we went early and had no nasty line to wait in to order. We also had no issues snagging an awesome table near the window.

Faro salad.

Croque Monsieur with Niman Ranch ham, cave aged gruyere and bechamel on country toast. We know how much I adore bechamel!

Kelly ordered marinated pepper and burrata sandwich with pesto. Obviously we decided to kick it up a notch with prosciutto.

Is there anything better than drippy burrata cheese? Obviously no.

Kelly and I split our sandwiches as usual. The Croque Monsieur was cheesey as was the burrata and peppers. The ingredients are super fresh and direct from the farmers market. I love that. It’s good to know the food comes almost directly farm to plate. Kelly and I both approved of the sandwiches.

Of course we had to order dessert.

Gingerbread cookie and cheesecake. The cookie was delicious and the cheesecake was so creamy and delicious. Perfect, not too rich. I’m not the biggest fan of cheesecake ever but this was quite tasty.

Overall, I love Huckleberry. It’s on the shortlist of my favorite restaurants on the Westside. Get your booty there if you haven’t already. I would recommend going at “off hours” and definitely try and split dishes so you can enjoy more of the menu.

Sorry for the lag in posting last week. In my defense I was busy spending an insane amount of time with my friends. What with graduation growing up we’re all trying to live up this last semester as much as possible. I also had to get back on the workout wagon because I’m running a half marathon in three weeks and I, uh, basically stopped running for two months. I’m planning on doing a post about the status of my fitness life and post marathon emotions. I know this fall I kind of inundated you with fitness updates but I have a ton of food updates coming soon and apartment updates too!


3 thoughts on “Lunching at Huckleberry

  1. if huckleberry was down the street from me i’d love it more than anything else. but b/c it’s so far from me, and the parking is a pain, and the lines are so long – i feel like it’s not worth it the 3x i’ve been…

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