Wine-ing in Malibu

Friday afternoon my friends and I celebrated the weekend by going to Malibu Wine’s tasting room. We grabbed some food at Ralphs (cheese, salami, crackers) and headed up the PCH. The Malibu Wine’s tasting room in up in the mountains. The air is fresh and the sun was bright. I love taking advantage of one of the major perks of law school, three day weekends. This was the perfect way to start the weekend.

Saddle Rock Pinot Noir.

The spread.

The pro at work.


Even better than wine?

Crackers with salami and brie.

Now that is what I call wine-ing.

I’m sure this isnt the only time we are going to make it out to Malibu Wine’s this semester. It’s just too perfect of a place to spend an afternoon.

Can I also just say…. I love these people.

The semester is young but I think I’m the happiest I’ve been in several years right now thanks to these people (and others). I love my tight group of law school friends. Definitely what I’m going to miss most about law school.

I actually have had so much fun this weekend that I’ve neglected my homework. I need to get on that. But I also wanted to mention that I went on my longest run since the marathon yesterday. I pounded out 6 miles yesterday afternoon. Remember when I was able to do 16 no problem? Yeahhh. No longer. But it felt good to get out there. I forgot how epic the post run high can be and I felt healthy and strong afterwards. My legs are even sore today! Hurrah.


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