The Story Behind the Biscuit

I realize I posted this picture…

In my first day of school post and didn’t explain why I had such a wide smile on my face.

You see, it was because of the biscuit. Yes, the biscuit.

I decided that I needed to use my brother’s trip as an opportunity to go to all my favorite foodie destinations (obviously). This included Art Walk in downtown which displays gallery art and has a massive gathering of food trucks. Sadly, there were fewer trucks than usual because in July a car breeched the curb during Art Walk killing a baby. However we still soldered on and made do with what was there.

Within 10 seconds, I spied my favorite.

Hey, brother.

David wanted a burrito but I got my usual fried chicken from Ludo Truck which I decided not to photograph because I’ve blogged it before. I’ve eaten from the Ludo truck 3 times and I have been desperate to try the Lavender Honey Biscuits. Each time I’ve been they’ve been completely SOLD OUT of the biscuits. This time the biscuits were being baked so I made sure the guy behind the register knew I would be coming back.

Twenty minutes later they were ready!

Sometimes I worry that I build food up too much. Like I’ll blog about something raving about it, others will check it out and determine that it’s just alright. Let me tell you friends, this biscuit was worth the wait.

The inside was flaky and the outside was crusty. The lavender flavor definitely came through and the honey drizzled on top sweetened the biscuit to perfection.

I love when food is flavored and you can actually taste the flavor, you know what I mean? Sometimes food is advertised as being infused with something you can’t actually taste. This biscuit is NOT that.

Another glory shot for the road.

Now do you understand why I was so happy? I thought so.

This week was a transition week for me. I started my third and final year of law school. Thus I didn’t really cook anything bloggable. I promise this week things are up and running and I have some fun things in the hopper that I can share on the blog.

Did you have a good weekend? I did a whole lot of nothing on Sunday and it was wonderful.


2 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Biscuit

  1. That biscuit looks INSANE. I must get my hands on one!

    I found your blog through The Actor’s Diet. I’m relocating to LA next week (!!), so I’m checking out as many local foodie blogs as I can. Plus, in your comment, you mentioned that you went to a women’s college, and so did I! I look forward to reading more. 🙂

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