The Last First Day of School

Monday, August 15, 2011 is my last first day of school ever. Until I start a PhD program (JUST KIDDING MOM! Kind of. Probably. Mostly.) It is also my 24th birthday! I’m officially in my mid twenties. I can’t even handle it. Who allowed me to get this old? What I really can’t handle is the fact that in the 21 years of school I’ve attended this is the first time I’ve had to go to school on my birthday. Totally not fair at all. Don’t worry, I’m easing the pain with a 1/2 dozen mini red velvet cupcakes from Susie Cakes, a cocktail and copious amounts of food.

In honor of my last first day of school and my 24th birthday I thought I’d host a little stroll down memory lane my sharing some first day of school pictures of yore.


Apparently I was nervous for my first day of school, however as my Mother walked me to my classroom door the teacher, Mrs. Kiss, approached me and said, “Are you Katherine? I hear you have a beautiful smile!” That was all it took. I went happily bounding into school.

First Grade:

This photo is of me and my little brother David who apparently was camera shy. Yes, I have his express permission to publish this image in the blog world and thus embarrass him forever. Seriously, what is up with him in this picture? No idea.

First grade was also the first time I was assigned homework. In order to motivate me to do my homework my Mom would prepare snacks.

Some things will never change. Just add an iced tea and this is exactly what I look like when I do homework present day.

Second Grade:

Check out my all pink outfit with snazzy Nike’s and purple accessories. So much style.

I believe it was around second grade that I told my dad I was really nervous about the assignments. I struggled in school when I was young and I was worried that I wouldn’t excel. He told me not to worry about what was too far down the line, “They won’t give you high school work until your ready for it”. It is a little odd to think about being at the pinnacle of my education. In any case, solid life advice I still live by today.

Third Grade:

Please take note of how 90’s stylish I was!

Pink biker shorts, wolf shirt, and you can’t see it because the scanner cut it out, but white keds. Oh yes, I was so 90’s stylish.

And finally,

Sixth Grade:

Oh hey awkward years, good to see you again! My brother assured me that I wasn’t awkward but that I did look lawyerly. I still remember that necklace; I thought it was so cool at the time. I have to say that I am rocking a pretty awesome tan in this photo. Again, some things never change.

And Monday is my last first day of school and my 24th birthday…

This upcoming year is going to be a BIG one for me: My last year of law school, my first marathon, law school graduation, taking the bar, looking for jobs, blogging, many races beyond my marathon and other fun adventures. While I love school I am really just about ready to be done with it and have a full time job. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy every moment of my last year of school, until I take the bar and have no life for three months! In yoga tonight I was thinking about the concept of “setting your intention”. I’ve decided that despite all the craziness and change in the upcoming year I am going to set my intention. I am going to make a choice to put good vibes into the universe, enjoy every moment of the year and have a good time. I am so excited to see what this year holds for me.

Did you love the first day of school?


8 thoughts on “The Last First Day of School

  1. You were such a cute kid! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I have told myself that it will never be my last first day of school. Because I am a glutton for punishment. I keep meaning to go back!

  2. I definitely love the first day of school – going back to school shopping for school supplies was always more of a big deal to me than getting new clothes…#nerdalert.

  3. i love your trip down back-to-school memory lane! those photos are so darn cute. that wolf shirt…i have so many similar pictures where i look and think WHAT was i wearing…why did they sell that??

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