Chicago Marathon Training Week 8

This week was a running step back week. My brother is in town and I missed one of my runs but I got an extra day of cross training in and had either sore legs or arms every day this week. Yoga and 14 miles from last week killed my legs and I felt super strong on Monday.

Monday: 4 mile run

Tuesday: well deserved rest day

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: surfing (killed my arms)

Friday: rest

Saturday: 8 mile run

Sunday: yoga

Total Miles: 16 miles

Overall, the mileage wasn’t where I wanted it to be but I did fit in two days of cross training. For having a visitor in town I think I did pretty good.

Next week school starts. I’ve finagled a way to not have class on Thursday OR Friday until the end of September which is great for my training plan. I’m looking forward to setting another personal distance record and getting back to twice a week yoga. I will also be beefing up my mid-week runs from here on out. In other news: a Chipotle, my favorite post run food, is opening on Wednesday. Who is excited for post 16 mile run burritos? I know I am!

Finally, I want it to be noted that I’m foam rolling my legs and my new shoes feel great. No heel pain, Wahoo!


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