Grilled Fish Tacos

Ok, so I’ve blogged about fish tacos before, and before but I made this epic grilled fish taco the other day and I felt like it deserved its own post.

It’s also quite timely because my brother is visiting and we took surf lessons today! David is a natural surfer. He got up easily on several waves. I hung in there and did ok. I managed to get up a few times and wiped out dramatically several times. I also ingested several gallons of Santa Monica ocean water. I feel like a fish. We even saw a dolphin pretty close to shore!

Clearly that means it’s time to eat fish. Don’t question my logic. I’m 2/3 a lawyer.

I simply took tacos from Trader Joe’s and heated them up in a skillet. I also roasted some sweet corn. I blanched the corn. Attention! It is very important to buy unshucked corn. This is how it is done in the Midwest.

While the corn is roasting, chop the other ingredients. I used onion, cilantro, tomato, and when the corn is done I added that too.

Next, prep the fish. I used Traders Joe’s frozen tilapia. I sliced it thinly and seasoned it with lime and cayenne.

I grilled the fish up on my wonderful grill pan. Check out those grill markes!!

After the fish was done grilling I assembled my tacos. Fish on the bottom followed by toppings and I topped it off with avocado.

All together now…

Times 2:

These were delicious and very simple. Why add more to such delicious summer ingredients. I do advocate for roasting the corn. It enhanced the sweetness of the corn and made good corn even better! This will be made again soon in my kitchen! By the way, do you like the photo quality in my new kitchen? It’s love.

Have you ever tried surfing? It was great cross training. My arms are already sore.


5 thoughts on “Grilled Fish Tacos

  1. Those look delicious!

    I tried surfing years ago on a family vacation in Maui – and I got up a few times! The surf was really gentle and I was on a huge longboard, but it was still an awesome feeling. I tried again a few months later in Malibu at Zuma Beach but it was a LOT more difficult. I wish it was something I could do easily!

  2. I have never had a fish taco! I recently bought some Tilapia to try and make some fish tacos. No Idea where to start! For some reason they intimidate me. Now, I have a recipe + no excuse! ha ha

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