For the love of fashion

When God gives you a pair of hot pink Tory Burch shorts for only $30 you have to buy them for the love of fashion.

My birthday is August 15th and when my Mom was visiting recently she gave me several birthday gifts including a commercial quality baking sheet which I am in LOVE with. She also gave me permission to spend a set amount of money at one of my favorite Santa Monica consignment stores if I got rid of some clothing. Goodbye old tank tops hello new hot pink shorts.

I headed over to Address in Santa Monica on Wilshire. They have many beautiful designer items. The clothing isn’t cheap. This is not the place to come for $5 jeans but they are beautiful. Frequently you will walk by Chanel, Valentino, Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabanna, Diane von Furstenberg, and Manolo Blahnik. But sometimes, like today, you get lucky.

These shorts jumped out at me from across the store. I love the style of Tory Burch and I love the bright color of these shorts. Life is too short to wear drab colors. I imagine pairing them with wedges, flowy blouses or flats and fitted tops.

Today I wore them with my white flowy top. Check out my princess bathroom in the background!

I also snapped up this adorable dress. Again, I love the color. The dress fits nicely on my shoulders and is very light. I imagine I will wear this at some point in the next week with a cardi or possibly a denim jacket.

Despite the appearance in the photo it is not a maxi dress. I don’t do that.

Any other ideas for my hot pink shorts?


3 thoughts on “For the love of fashion

  1. such cute shorts! i have a pair of hot pink denim shorts that match just about everything, from fun sherbert color tops to dark navy. i love the shorts and sweater combo on a cool day or even at night myself!

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