Pre Breakfast, Breakfast and Breakfast: the sequel

After the Bachelorette dinner, on Friday of my Boston trip, I ended up meeting up with my college roommate Carolyn and going out dancing. We had a lot of fun and were out late but don’t worry, we were still up at 8 am for breakfast. We had been planning Saturday morning breakfast since before I landed in Boston and honestly, this meal may have been the highlight of my trip. We went to Zaftigs in Coolidge Corner which is possibly the greatest Jewish deli of all time.

Obviously we had a pre breakfast on the way to actual breakfast. What can I say, we were hung over hungry.

PB&J Lara Bar, if you were wondering.

After a short walk we made it to Zaftigs.

Typically there is a 30 min long line at Zaftigs in order to get a table but since we were there before 9 we didn’t have a wait very long!

Again, like at Snappy, I didn’t even have to look at the menu to know what I wanted. In addition to an iced tea I ordered my favorite dish: Potato Pancakes with chive sour cream and smoked salmon.

Oh yes. Two of my favorite things ever. Combined.

Who ever put these two items together is a genius. Having just a little bit of sour cream on the top was perfect and I combined it with salmon. Personally I like to wrap the pancake with salmon before enjoying it. As you can tell, this was a hearty portion and I was not able to finish it so I took some back to Carolyn’s apartment.

On the way home we took photos but to be completely honest, the pictures are kind of a hot mess and not publishable. We also stopped at Starbucks for a large latte. It was necessary.

It was also necessary to sit on the couch for two hours after we arrived home, watch Barefoot Contessa and break into my leftovers for breakfast: the sequel. I mean look at that picture? Can you blame me?

Do you love Jewish Deli food? It is totally my comfort food, especially potato pancakes and matzo ball soup.


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