Old Favorites, New Favorites

Friday was my third day in Boston. It was full of old favorites. I had breakfast with my mentor for college and then I headed into Back Bay for sushi at my favorite sushi spot: Snappy Sushi.

I have a long history with Snappy. The girls and I used to go to Snappy when it was called Shino and was housed in a hole in the wall further down Newbury. When I arrived in Boston I was strolling Newbury and the location where Snappy was housed had a “for lease” sign on it. I was very sad for a moment. I had SO MANY memories with my friends there. It was our go-to dinner out spot. Three blocks later I was overjoyed to see that Snappy hadn’t gone under but merely moved to a better, larger spot with outdoor seating! I knew I had to stop by during my trip.

I nabbed a seat on the patio and broke into a book my mentor bought for me:

Seriously, the best thing you can ever get is a mentor who gets you and really commits to being a mentor. I am so lucky to have a committed mentor who has graciously helped me throughout my career. She changed my life and I cannot be more grateful.

I didn’t even have to look at the menu at Snappy. I knew what I wanted: Crunchy Eel Roll with a side of sushi rice.

Pretty much my favorite sushi roll ever. There is brown rice, crunch, avocado, eel, and eel sauce. I could eat this forever. The sushi rice was brown rice. A few years ago Snappy switched to all brown rice. I actually prefer the brown rice but it was a point of controversy in my group because some do not like brown rice.

My meal was just as good as I remembered it.

Then I met up with the bride for some pampering and then we met up with some old favorites for a last supper as all single ladies:

Photo credit to Kat (the one with the adorable skirt and hair cut on my left).

We hit another one of our all time favorite restaurants for dinner: Bar Lola. We mostly went there senior year and always enjoyed delicious sangria.

I seriously love when my drink comes with a snack.

Bar Lola serves tapas. I love going anywhere where I can sample tons of different foods.

In total I tried:

Olives, artichoke dip with pita, something in the back that I can’t remember what it is, duck confit ravioli, and a breaded scallop


Paella, cod, more artichoke dip, steamed broccoli and part of a lamb chop. Not photographed: all the lamb chop sauce I consumed with bread. It was epic.

After dinner we went our separate ways because the bride was super tired but it was a lovely night with my old (and still) favorites.

Do you like tapas?

In other news: I realize I have been totally MIA from the blog world for the past week. I came back from Boston, was very jet lagged and then LCCMom came into town to facilitate my move. I was so glad to have her help. She left town today and needless to say the last week has been filled with amazing meals, moving, unpacking, treat eating and mother/daughter time. I am very happy that I was able to see her for an extended visit but I am totally bushed. In the past week I ate treats and fell off my marathon training plan. It was worth it but tonight I went for a 4 mile run, ate quinoa (try this if you haven’t already, it is amazing) and am blogging. It’s good for things to get back to normal.

Want an apartment preview?

It isn’t completely done yet but here is a preview.

I know, I’m a huge tease. My camera is out of battery and I want to wait until the apartment is more complete before blogging it. I will say that I used my kitchen tonight and it is my new favorite. I will need to break it in this weekend with some baking 😉 I’m pretty sure my coworkers are going to love me come Monday.

This is my 500th post on Left Coast Contessa! This blog has come a long way in a year and a half. Thank you for reading my blog. I love writing it and I love my readers too!


6 thoughts on “Old Favorites, New Favorites

  1. I just found your blog yesterday and wanted to comment for 2 reasons: 1. I’m going tO be a 1L this fall at Loyola – so I’m glad there are other law student bloggers out there! And 2. I spent the last year teaching English in Madrid so of course I LOVE Spanish tapas!

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