Welcome to Boston

As I announced earlier this week, I am spending this week in Boston, visiting my old haunts, eating treats with my former roommate and attending another friend’s wedding. I took the red eye to Boston on Tuesday night. Wednesday I bounded off of my flight with the most ridiculous adrenaline high of all time. I made my way to Carolyn’s house on the T, dropped my bags off, said hi before she went to work and immediately hit the city for some sightseeing. And when I say “sightseeing” we all know that I really mean eating at my favorite restaurants and going to my favorite stores.

The Citgo sign near Fenway Park, very close to where I lived when I was in undergrad and after graduation.

My initial plan of attack was to go to Flour for breakfast. I took the bus to the South End. The South End might be my favorite neighborhood in Boston. There are tons of great restaurants, bakeries, beautiful brownstones and there are fewer tourists than in Back Bay (which is closer to the Charles).

How can you not love this neighborhood?

Rutland is one of my favorite streets. I used to fantasize about owning a Brownstone on Rutland when I was in college.

Sadly, when I arrived at the South End Flour location I learn that it is closed this week for renovations! What? They didn’t know I was coming?! I quickly came up with a new plan for my day. I decided to save Flour for lunch and instead walked from the South End to Back Bay.

I love the cobblestone streets. If I got a dollar every time I twisted my ankle while walking down cobblestone streets in heels in the rain while in college I would be a billionaire.

Once in Back Bay I made my way to Trident.

Trident is a book store and café on Newbury Street. I have many fond memories from college surrounding Trident. I used to study there once a week, typically on Friday mornings. Trident is also awesome because you can read a magazine while you eat and then return it to the racks. The food is pretty delicious also. The mac and cheese is TO DIE FOR. Usually when I went there I was ordering breakfast. The staff is super friendly and I even recognized a few faces from the old days.

Doing what I usually do at Trident.

I ordered my favorite order: pancakes with a side of bacon and an iced tea.

Possibly my favorite pancakes ever. Soft, fluffy, crispy on top, with just a bit of syrup and butter. As good as I remembered.

So good.

After eating I looked around the stacks. I love independent book stores, and Trident is my favorite.

One of my favorite Boston authors was on the shelves: Jhumpa Lahiri. If you haven’t read her you need to! She is amazing.

After Trident I strolled up and down Newbury taking stock of the things that had changed:

What is this, LA or Boston?

My groups favorite sushi spot moved into bigger, nicer digs.

And the things that never will:

Sonsie was the first restaurant I ever ate at in Boston, back when I was looking at colleges. They have amazing doors that open and are great for lunch.

Stephanie’s has amazing salads. I ate here immediately after graduation.

Second Time Around, my favorite consignment store, ever.

I love you Newbury Street.

My walk ended at the Public Garden. I rested my feet and took some pictures.

Swan boats.

The State House, where I interned for a semester!

The location where my friend that is getting married was proposed to:

Then I made my way to the new Flour location near MIT for lunch. I walked down Commonwealth Ave., one of my favorite walks in Boston.

Past the hotel where my parents always stayed, almost a home away from home:

And over the MIT bridge:

How can you NOT love this walk?

Soon enough I made it to Flour.

We all know that I have an extreme Flour obsession. I walked in and knew exactly what I wanted. I pretty much spilled my whole life story to the counter help explaining that I went to college in Boston but moved to LA and was obsessed with Flour and used to get sticky buns once a week and how I owned the cookbook and have a food blog and how much I admire Joanna Chang (the owner) and her career path. I’m pretty sure he thought that I was insane.

So many sandwiches and treats to choose from:

I ended up with a half sandwich (since I was still fairly full from pancakes). I got my favorite: Roast Beef with horseradish, crispy onions and arugula.

One of the reasons Flours sandwiches are so delicious (besides the flavor combinations) is the bread. The bread is soft, spongy, but with the right amount of crisp on the edges. Delicious!

I also got a sticky bun and a brownie to go which I shared with Carolyn. As good as I remembered and better!

I finished my day by shopping in the Prudential Center and hitting Second Time Around where I scored a pair of never been worn Toms for $15! <- the reason why it’s my favorite store, ever!

Dinner was not blogged and took place in Beacon Hill, another favorite neighborhood. I know, I know. I love every neighborhood in Boston! Caroyln and I had fig and prosciutto pizza from Figs and a watermelon, goat cheese and balsamic salad. It was pretty freaking amazing. If you live in Boston and you haven’t been to Figs you need to hit it up!

Overall being in Boston has been amazing. It’s a bit odd coming back and visiting. I’ve changed a lot since my time in Boston and coming to visit underscores how much has changed in my life in the past two years. Don’t worry; its change in a good way. We can call it growth. It’s a bit odd not feeling like a tourist but clearly not being a local anymore. Boston is one of my favorite cities in the world and who knows, maybe I’ll be a local again someday!

What is your favorite city to visit? Boston is top for me, as well as Paris, Chicago, and LA. Despite not being a city, Martha’s Vineyard also has my heart.


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