Bribery Brunch

Have you ever participated in a bribery brunch? I have, routinely. The bribery brunch is when you have work to do and you know that, without bribing yourself with brunch, it won’t get done. When I was in college I was always in Trident over the weekend, eating pancakes and doing homework. This was the inception of the bribery brunch. I’ve engaged in a lower scale version of the bribery bunch since I’ve been in law school but yesterday I had a massive case to read and I decided it was necessary to engage in an old school bribery bunch.

At 8:30 am (hence why I won’t work if I’m home), I headed over to Tavern. Despite being uber popular the Larder at Tavern is never too crazy. Especially early, I was able to get a nice table, with light streaming in the window. Perfect working conditions!

Delicious iced tea with a sprig of mint + liberal refills!

I decided to order something different yesterday. I stuck with a bribery brunch classic: pancakes.

So tasty and 100% fueled my productivity. The pancakes were plain but so tasty. The actual cake had a butter aftertaste. Um, delicious.

I also couldn’t resist adding some protein on the side…

Maybe not the healthiest protein but hey, it was delicious!

I got a ton of work done this weekend and was able to just unwind a bit. I also got a ton of errands done, like getting my oil changed. I also had a very healthy weekend. I ran 10 miles and went to two yoga classes. All I can say is HOLY ABS. I will be the first to admit that my core strength isn’t all that but I got pushed Friday in yoga and yesterday we did hundreds of bicycle crunches. I also managed to get my feet off the wall in headstand which I was pretty proud of. I’ve been working on inversions since January and finally having the strength to get my feet off the wall and hold it was a pretty exciting accomplishment! I love Sunday night yoga class. I always leave feeling so much gratitude.

Do you bribe yourself with food?


7 thoughts on “Bribery Brunch

  1. “Do you bribe yourself with food?” As I’m reading this, I’m eating the candy that I bought to bribe myself into reading Evidence. Notice that I am not, however, actually reading Evidence….

  2. heck yes. I bribe myself with healthier food than I used to though. Last night called for desperate measures so I bribed myself with key lime pie gelato. YUM

    Today my bribe is…if I write 4 pages, I will make an appointment at a spa for some pampering. Ater 65 pages of writing, I’ll need it!

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