Double Digits

Today I went on my first double digit run since November! That last run that was double digits was the Malibu Half back in November. I walked/ran 10 miles this afternoon and it felt pretty good.

But why was it a walk run?

Because on Thursday I discovered a blood blister on my right foot. Yep, I’m at the point where I develop them and don’t even realize that I have them. Its like under a callus which totally sci fi. In addition, while my platers in my left foot is clearing up (two weeks with minimal pain hell yes!) I want to take it slow on the long runs so as not to re aggravate it.  I still have two months until San Diego and plenty of time to get my runners legs back.

I also took the week of spring break off. First, it was raining and I was having such a good time with LCCMom that I didn’t take time to run. I need to ease back into running (I only ran 5 miles in the school week). Hopefully next week I can up my weekly mileage a bit more.

All I could think about while I was running was a Chipotle Burrito and I managed to hobble to my car and drive the half mile to Chipotle. They’ve started posting calorie counts at Chipotle which is moderately frightening. I always plug my order into the Chipotle Calculator before I got. My normal order is a veggie burrito with lettuce, guac, peppers and onions, rice, tomatoes and I decided to go wild tonight and get cheese. It rounded out to 700 calories which is more than I typically consume for dinner but I ran 10 miles so I needed to refill my tank.

Tonight I am working out outlining for Professional Responsibility and resting my body. Between a strength yoga class yesterday awakening my abs in a way I didn’t know they could be awoken, 10 miles today and tomorrows yoga class I need to rest my body a bit.

Right now, yoga is my favorite form of cross training. How do you cross train? I really like spinning classes too!


5 thoughts on “Double Digits

  1. I love yoga. I’ve been doing downward dog, tree post and sun salutations between paper writing to stretch out my neck, I love it!

    Blood blisters are scary.

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