Lady Face with Bloggers

What an awesome blogger filled weekend it has been! Not only did I get to attend an awesome party with Amanda, Andy and Kaitlin, but I also got to chill with new and old blog friends on Friday night. Amanda and Andy organized an awesome meet up at Lady Face in Agoara Hills. This is in Amanda and Andy’s hood. They come into LA all the time, so it was nice to get out of the city and see where they like to chill. Their venue choice did not disappoint.

Lady Face is an Alehouse and Brasserie. I am not a huge beer person, although I do like a beer from time to time. Amanda, Andy, and Becki are major beer experts. Maybe their ways will rub off on me? We all know that I was excited about the “Brasserie” portion of the title. Hello, cheese.

It was fun hanging out with some old blogger friends like Amanda, Andy, Kaitlin and Monica. I also got to meet some new blogger friends like Becki, Kelly, Danielle, and Jessie.We got a nice large table on the outdoor patio. It was a clear night and the patio had heat lamps. It was a good thing we were outside. We all know how out of hand bloggers can get. This night was no different 😉

I decided to start the night with a Blonde. I tried a sample of a hoppey barley brew. I thought I would love hops (hoppey sounds like happy… clearly I am the logic master) but I think hops are going to take some getting used to. I was safe and stuck with the Blonde.

It was tasty, not too heavy and pretty refreshing. This is an easy amateur to go. I have to say that I did have some beer envy when I saw Amanda’s choice.

While I am not a huge fan of dark beers, this one had coffee on top!

I perused the menu with Amanda and we decided the best thing (read: cheesiest thing) to do would be to split three small plates. Amanda had a lactose intolerance scare last week and we decided to celebrate her NOT being lactose intolerant by eating a ton of cheese. It took approximately no convincing to get me on board.

We had…


Brie and Jam Tarts

Jam and Brie is always good. We ignored the salad on the side, obviously.

Mac and Cheese

There were salt and vinegar chips on top. Holy moly was it good! I know the idea of crushed chips sounds weird, but believe me when I saw it was amazing. My favorite thing I ate all night.


Pop Overs with Gruyere

Soft and fluffy, it was very tasty!

I was pretty full from all the cheese and my liver was recovering from Thursday so I stuck to one beer. After the cheese was consumed the bloggers hung out, chatted blogs, hung out with our waiter who looked like Mr. Channing Tatum, and engaged in all out silliness.

Kaitlin being awesome, Andy being serious.

At a certain point there were tiger poses, yoga poses and the married girls whose husband were present  flirting with the waiter. All and all it was a typical blogger night out. You should check out Amanda’s post. Her pics are pretty killer.

Group shot! Special thanks to Jessie for the picture!

Overall, I had a fantastic time eating cheese, drinking beer and hanging out with bloggers! Hopefully there are more good times with bloggers to come in the future.

Are you a beer person? If so, what is your favorite type? I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to beer, but I want to learn!


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