bar addiction

Let’s chat about snacks. I’d be lying to you if I said I put a lot of time into planning my snacks. I love to snack but more often that late recently I’ve been grabbing bars on the go.

Like this…

And this…


and now this…


I have to admit, it is ideal because 1) almost no thought goes into it and 2) I can eat these unobtrusively in class. Not so easy to snack in class when your that girl with a mini wheel of brie.  I tend not to feel that bad eating KIND bars and Larabars because both of them only have like 3 ingredients in them (ie: not a ton of preservatives).

But I will admit that my bar eating has gotten slightly out of hand of late. Like two a day which is a bit more than I should probably be eating in terms of health. Not to mention that its a drain on my grocery bill. Normally what happens is that I have either a Kind bar or a lara bar as a filling mid day snack and then I have a chocolate chip z bar as a dessert bar. Hence, up goes the bar consumption. At around $1.20 a bar times roughly 10… you can imagine.

So here is my action plan: 1 bar a day. I will only buy 6 at a time. I don’t have to tell you how much this reduced my grocery bill this week. I was under budget for the first time in a long time. The easiest  way to successfully accomplish this is to eliminate my “dessert” bar so today instead of a z bar I had blanched slivered raw almonds with chocolate chips. So good! I am very excited for this adjustment.

And since it’s March 1, how about a little check in on my 2011 goals? Yes, good idea:

1) Continue living my healthy lifestyle: done and done. I’ve dropped to a size 4 (my goal size) and I have kept running and incorporated once a week yoga.

2) Floss more: I floss more, but I’d still like to floss more than I do right now. Still working on it.

3) Run a marathon: I registered for the Chicago Marathon in October!

4) Explore California: I have plans to travel to San Diego in June for a half marathon, possible travel plans over spring break with my mom and am actively chatting with friends about possible trips. Hopefully I will take another trip this summer.

5) Continue blogging, refine the focus: Still blogging, still evolving.

6) Be more mindful: So far this has been a major success! I don’t know if its yoga or smudging my apartment or my overall vibes but I have been consistently happy the past two months than I’ve been in the past two years. The challenge will be going in to March, April and May when I have more work for school and finals etc.

How are you doing with your goals? What is your favorite bar?



8 thoughts on “bar addiction

  1. Have you tried Pure Bars? They’re a little pricier than lara bars and Clif bars but they’re really good! I love how chewy they are. you should definitely try them 🙂

  2. I do the same thing with bars. It’s so easy to depend on them! Like you, I tend to gravitate toward Larabars. I trust them, I know them, and I like them.

    I also like Luna bars, but those feel more like dessert to me for some reason. I also prefer Larabars because I like my snacks to include fruit.

  3. Cashew Cookie Larabars are AMAZING!!! I love them, I just don’t like the price 😦 I have a recipe for how to make them, I haven’t tried it yet, but I probably should lol

  4. oh the bar dilemma…i used to eat a few a day and now i’m moving to homemade vegan muffins…better right? i figure at least i can control the amount of sugar in them since bar sugar is usually off the chart to me!

    and omg would you like to help me raise money for the environment by advocating my run in SD?! I’ll email you about it soon!

  5. I love those zbars! I had to stop buying them because they were appearing in my daily eats way too often and multiple times in one day!

    Great work on your goals!

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