the secret to deliciousness

Its really simple…

The Flour cookbook went for the win again yesterday. This time I made browned butter and vanilla rice krispie treats during a mini baking party with Danielle. These were basically your run of the mill rice krispie recipe with two important alterations. 1) brown the butter and 2) while browning the butter, add vanilla bean.

Holy yum.

I grew up on Rice Krispies and my Mom makes a killer rice krispie. This was just like hers but with a little something extra. Seriously. Browned butter is sent from heavens. I’ve already had three.

Izzy has had 0 but I caught her trying to climb on the counter top this morning. Looks how angry she is at being denied treats. It’s a frustrating life for this cat.

I’m enjoying a lovely 4 day weekend. Friday was all about yoga and cleaning, Saturday was all about being social, Sunday is all about food and Monday is all about my upcoming Remedies Mid Term. Do you have a three day weekend? How are you spending it?


10 thoughts on “the secret to deliciousness

  1. Wow, those crispies sound pretty darn good!

    I looked like Izzy all day yesterday as my co-workers nibbled on scones and muffins. Bastards. Well not really….I am just a bitter recovering pastry addict.

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