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On Thursday I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Monica from Yellow Brick Beauty. Monica works near where I go to school and live so getting lunch together was a no brainer. If you don’t read Monica’s blog you should. She is the sweetest person ever and her blog is awesome. Monica is going to rule the world one day. I’m just saying.

We went to Nature’s Way Cafe in Westwood which I’ve actually never been to before. They have veggie options and non veggie options too. Plus it was super cheap. I ordered a chicken sandwich but altered it a bit.

I had chicken on a whole wheat bun without cheese, mayo and the bbq sauce on the side. I also had them add an avocado to the sandwich. I had air fries on the side. The air fries are supposed to be low fat and healthier. They were good but got cold fast and I didn’t finish them.

Lunch with Monica was great. We chatted about working out, healthy living and blogging! Its fun to eat lunch with a blogger. Since my blog birthday I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the direction of Left Coast Contessa and different features I might want to incorporate into the blog. Talking to someone who knows me, my blogging style and is also a fan definitely helps my ideas to crystallize. Monica is a great new friend!

I had a crazy busy week last week after a crazy busy weekend. Right now I’m loving catching up on blog stuff. You can see my new picture page and new weight loss page. I’m also watching Clerks. Has anyone ever seen that movie? I watched it so many times in high school I can still quote so many lines for example: “I assure you, we’re open” and “I’m not even supposed to be here today” not to mention the extended discussion of Star Wars. Seriously, if you’ve ever worked a minimum wage job you will appreciate Clerks. What was your favorite movie in high school?

Oh, and by the way, my Mom’s cookbook was the Jello cook book so congrats to Kaitlin and Amanda! We were rather amused at how many people thought my Mother owned the Booze cook book. I picked up that gem at a book store that sells books by the weight.


10 thoughts on “blog lunch

  1. I just found your blog and I love it!
    I think that a jello cookbook is hilarious; I love scouring flea markets and used book stores for old cookbooks, especially the ones that people have scribbled notes inside.

    • Clerks is hilarious! It’s a Kevin Smith movie about two guys working at a video store and a convenience store. Basically showing kind of a ‘day in the life’ type story. It’s “talkey” funny if that makes sense. Basically them dealing with crazy customers, talking about movies etc. I would definitely recommend it!

  2. i think my favorite movie in high school was “dazed and confused” – i still love it.

    we gotta have a blogger lunch someday!

  3. Aw, you definitely just made my day! It was so much fun to meet up and we have to get a hiking date on the calendar very soon.

    Favorite movie in high school was Blue Crush, I wanted to be a surfer girl so bad and even went out and bought a Hawaii poster after seeing it. I recently found out that my husband was obsessed with this movie in high school as well, which is pretty funny to me and his Marvel comics loving ways.

    Of course a jell-o cookbook, they are more common in the Midwest then snow boots. How did I not figure that out?

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