Hecky’s BBQ

I grew up going to Northwestern events. My Dad is an alum, not to mention that I worked at Northwestern for two summers. Needless to say, our family has many connections to the school. He’s been a football and basketball season ticket holder longer than I’ve been alive. We even travel with the football team on occasion. On the 23rd I went with my Dad to a men’s basketball game. I haven’t been in a long time and it was great to go (plus, we trounced Mount St. Mary’s).

Growing up my favorite part of going to Northwestern games was the treats. I ran before this game and didn’t have time to eat lunch so by half time I was pretty hungry. Luckily the snacks have only gotten better since the last time I went to a game. Hecky’s is a restaurant in Evanston that has been around forever! They started vending at games a few years ago and I got right in line for a pulled pork sandwich with BBQ sauce.

So freaking good! I wish I had my camera when I took this picture because this really isn’t doing the awesomeness of this sandwich justice. The sandwich was WARM and the bun was soft. You can’t go wrong with Hecky’s at the ball game!


3 thoughts on “Hecky’s BBQ

  1. Okay I don’t usually like or crave BBQ but on a rare occasion. This is strange considering I’m a Texan. I have to say that when I do order BBQ, the bun makes or breaks a good brisket sandwich. The bun HAS TO BE SOFT and yours looks like the kind I like! So I guess in short, my post is really about how I like your soft buns………..I need to stop.

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