Christmas 2010

It was a white Christmas in Chicago!

Last night we did Prairie Grass and church. Today we woke up and did presents, coffee, and breakfast. Did I mention everything I know I learned from my Mother? The food she made today was EPIC.

David really wanted to get on the blog.

But before presents… there was breakfast! Barefoot Contessa challah French toast with bacon.
Then there were presents. Santa was good to everyone this year. The best part of presents is that Wally thinks every present is for him so he likes to get right in front of you. Sometimes the presents are actually for him.

He even got a pet snuggie, because he loves to be cozy.

Funny story. I misread one of the cards and gave a present to my Dad. He opened it up and said “why would I like a camera?” Then I realized that I gave my Dad one of MY presents! I shouted “I’M GETTING A CAMERA?!” It was all very exciting.

For those who don’t know, my camera has been out of commission since September. It died the week before THIS Project Food Blog challenge. One melt down later I started either borrowing cameras or using my camera phone. Taking my pictures on my Andriod made me feel like a total illegitimate food blogger. It was so rinky dink. Needless to say, the camera is pretty much the best present I could have asked for.

Doesn't Wally look handsome in his Christmas collar?



Molly's famous Brie was a big hit! I can take responsibility for making this


Christmas crackers are a family tradition


David demonstrates the content of the cracker

a favorite wine



Dinner was ham, biscuits, soup, and salad- I made the balsamic!


Potato, bacon, cheddar, corn soup from the Barefoot Contessa

And then it was time for dessert….

Grandma's cookies!



Dark and Stormies, Mrs. Turner's cookies, and bark


fruit cake cookies, spice cookies, and Enstrums

We also had a selection of small batch ice creams.

I had salted caramel and sweet potato with torched marshmallow (!) Ah-Ma-Zing. A very foodie Christmas for sure. I am rocking a massive food baby (in the words of Carolyn, “cookie Christ”) and an elastic waist band. Its been a good day.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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