Trimming the Tree

After I arrived home my brother and I were charged with a very important duty: trimming the tree.

I sat back and blogged err, supervised David putting the lights on the tree. I didn’t want to interfere with his raw tree lighting talent.

He did a bang up job. Interfering would have just been wrong, ya know? Better to let him handle it.

I did assist by getting the stockings out.

It should be noted that the dogs stocking is bigger than David’s, as illustrated below.

David would like you to know that his stocking, while smaller has a bell on it. Touche.

My stocking is super cute, and large!

Look at all the hard work I put in!

The we worked on the ornaments!

I hung my favorite one first…


The tree came together pretty well. It was a good team effort! I’m having a great time hanging out with my little brother. He made me my favorite breakfast treat this morning (we can call him lake coast contesso). Don’t worry, I followed him around with a camera and captured the whole thing. More on that to come later.

Also of note today: I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. I did 4.1 miles at a just under 9 min pace. It was pretty awesome. These treadmill workouts have my running confidence up and have me thinking about some fun racing goals for 2011. Get excited people! Big things to come!

Oh, and one last thing. This sign was stopped in the center of the village I grew up in (yes village):

Yep. That sign says “be polite, walk your bike”. That’s right, I grew up in a presh little tiny town.


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