(Health) Club Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

Greetings from showy Chicago!

I got in yesterday to this at Chicago O’Hare (basically the greatest airport of all time, in my opinion).

That, my friends, are holiday decorations done RIGHT!

My flight was uneventful and included no real good eats because the food selection at LAX is pretty awful. Anyone else feel like LAX has the poorest food selection of all time? There was nothing. My flight didn’t get in til 2 Chicago time and I kinda wanted to bring lunch on the plane but the options were limited. Also the line for Starbucks was crazy long.

I flew through O’Hare and happened on this horrifying thing:

It was at this time I considered heading right back to LA. Plus it was under 30 degrees. My blood has thinned and it was too cold for me. Don’t worry, I brought leggings to wear under my jeans. Obvi I didn’t head home to LA. I went to my parents house and ate cookies!

Then this happened:

I will admit, while snow can be slushy, wet and cold it is also very, very pretty!

Plus, snow is just dandy when you have a puppy Wally the White to keep you warm!

Today I slept in super late and enjoyed a typical breakfast of Vans and Kombucha. Thanks Mom! Love that I have a blog to advertise my faves.

Then I headed to the health club to run on the treadmill. I haven’t run on the treadmill for over a year and a half and didn’t really know what to expect. I set myself to go at my half marathon pace (10:00 mile) and every other song I kicked it up to 10k pace (8:40 mile). This was actually a pretty good workout for me! I don’t run with a watch so I almost never track my speed. This upcoming year I want to get into speed work so running intervals was nice to get used to the idea. I ran 5 miles in about 50 mins.

The health club can’t even handle me right now. That’s for you Amanda.

Then I came home and hung out with my little brother, probably one of my favorite parts of being home. We got Thai lunch in Evanston at Pinto on Central Street.

To start we shared Thai Rolls which had chicken and shrimp in them and a nut and mild spicy sauce on the side. Pretty tasty to start!

For lunch I had Crazy Noodles, which I pretty much destroyed post run.

Perfect portion!

I must go now, there is tree trimming happening! Glad it finally feels like CHRISTMAS!


2 thoughts on “(Health) Club Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

  1. Yay, time home with family is wonderful!

    The snow has been gorgeous to see, but I can’t believe what a baby I have become to the cold. I can’t stop shivering!

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