Things are about to get serious…

So a few days ago I confidently announced that there are no dishes that scare me. I think its true. I see complicated dishes as a challenge and I’ve always loved a challenge. I mean, hell, I’m in law school. I’m not sure why ‘almond flour’ translates into hardcore in my mind, but it does. Today I spent $9 on almond flour (you win again Whole Foods!) and tomorrow I am attempting a fabu dessert from the Flour Cookbook. The recipe has homemade frangipane and pate brisee. The names are French which makes them sound intense. I am a little but nervous but mostly excited.

Stay tuned for some baking magic…


4 thoughts on “Things are about to get serious…

  1. FYI trader joe’s has almond meal/flour for much less than the red mill brand. i’ve enjoyed baking with almond flour the few times i have. can’t wait to see your finished product!

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