Return of the Flying Pig

Last Spring I stumbled upon the Flying Pig truck one day when I was too lazy to make lunch. I remember Flying Pig as one of the best food trucks I’ve ever eaten from and I had to make it back today. Sadly, I picked the first day of class at UCLA. The law school is on a semester system and the rest of campus is on the quarter system. Today the undergrads descended and yes, I waited in a line of 40 people for tacos.

It took a while but it was so worth it!

This time I got the same tacos I had before (duck and chicken). I also was adventurous and ordered pork belly! Last semester I saw pork belly on the menu and thought to myself, “that’s a little bit out there for me”. This time I thought the same thing, but I added to my thought, “but your a food blogger dammit!” So, I ended up with this:

I have to say that this did NOT disappoint. The bun was fantastic and the pork was very flavorful. Not spicy, just a little bit sweet. There was a ton of meat and the onions were wonderful. Bite size and fantastic!

The rest of the meal was exactly what I had in March. A delightful fusion of citrus, meat and deliciousness. I sat in the grass and just let myself relax for a while.

Looks nice huh? I have to say that things are getting a little bit crazy here on the left coast. Its no one thing but I have mid terms starting next week (midterms are NOT normal in law school and have crept up on me a bit), looking for a summer job stress, and just general life stress is starting to get to me. Running is good and helps me de-stress, sitting in the grass and just watching the world go by was simply perfection this afternoon. Thank goodness for simple pleasures like sunshine, good food, shade under a tree and watching the world go by.

Question of the Day: What do you do to de-stress?


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