Boozy Dark Chocolate Orange Chunk Cookies

A few weeks ago I had a thought. I love cocktails. I love chocolate. I love orange. Why haven’t I combined all three yet? I had no good answer. So I promptly came up with this cookie recipe.

I gathered my ingredients and started by combining flour, salt and baking soda in a bowl. First things first, measure out the flour and sift it with a whisk. The whisking breaks up any of the flour that is clumping. 2 and a quarter cups!Make sure that the flour is even!

Once you have the flour, add the salt (teaspoon).

And baking powder.

Mix the three and set it aside.

Now you must must must brown the butter! Two sticks please!

Drool. Combine with brown sugar (1 cup) and mix well.

Then add a half cup of granulated sugar.

Next add two eggs, vanilla, and Contreau (the booze!)

Mix again until they are fully combined.

Now combine the flour mixture in three parts.

Make sure that it is mixed well.

Once it is well mixed, zest an orange and combine to the mixture. I zest using a micoplane, which is the best kitchen utensil ever. Although some, I hear are partial to the spoon-hula (right Committee ladies?)

After zesting the orange take two Ghirardelli bars (dark chocolate), break them up with a knife and combine.

Mix it up, put some saran around it and pop it in the fridge for several hours. Go on a run or something because you will be eating a ton of cookies in the very near future.

After the dough is sufficiently cold take it out. Pre heat the oven to 350 and get those cookies on the pan!

Bake these puppies for 10-12 mins. Enjoy the scent and pretty soon, out they come!

Chewy, delicious, and fragrant. Orange, dark chocolate fantasticness!

They didn’t last long. These are the ultimate Left Coast Contessa cookies. Boozy, rich, and chocolaty.

One last time, make sure you vote for me at Project Food Blog. Only one day left!


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