Smoked Salmon Pizza at Cheebo

Last night after my first class there were only three things I wanted…

1. Dinner out with a friend. Thus, Jill and I met at Cheebo‘s. I went there once before with Jill and Carolyn and I remember really liking it. They have awesome pizzas and wine. The decor is really cool. The walls are orange and there are all kinds of cool window and mirror frames hanging on the walls. The ceilings are high. Its a great funky little place.

2. I wanted wine. First day of school always should require a glass of wine. Obviously I opted for Pinot Noir.

3. Pizza! There are so many great options at Cheebo. I really wanted to try something different and delicious sounding. Smoked Salmon pizza with capers! Obviously it was delicious. I really like the crust at Cheebo. Its soft but you can tell the ingredients are of higher quality than Domino’s (don’t even get me started on THAT)

Very delicious! Like a bagel and lox but with pizza! I loved this pizza and would recommend it. Sure, its not Chicago deep dish but its pretty good for pizza outside of the Chi.  I also like Cheebo because I always have leftovers which I enjoyed today at lunch.

So that’s what you need to survive a first day back at law school: dinner with a friend, wine, and pizza!   Tonight I’m trying a little something different, stripper lessons complete with pole (sorry mom and dad). I hope to improve my upper body strength.


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