Allston Yacht Club

Tonight I had happy hour at the Allston Yacht Club. Bostonian’s might find this amusing because 1) Allston is student central 2) the idea of a yacht club in Allston is a little ironic. Angelino’s will be amused because the idea of a yacht club in Echo Park is verrrry ironic.

I have to say that the food and cocktails were really good and CHEAP! All food is $5 during happy hour and the cocktails are around $9. I don’t mind the cocktail prices because the cocktails are great and normally high quality cocktails in LA are > $10.

I ordered a “Blue Moon of Kentucky” which had bourbon, and blueberry mint lemonade.

So fruity and clean. I hate cocktails with sour mix and I love when I get a fresh, delicious and minty cocktail like this one.

And then, there were plates….

We started with cucumber carppacio (very light and kinda garlicey)

Then we had roasted Brussels sprouts. Frequent readers know how I feel about roasted Brussels sprouts

Broiled shrimp and feta gratin

Calamari with citrus, soy fish sauce and sweet chili

and eggplant parmagiano – because I love eggplant!

Then the waitress said something magical to us, “Do you want to hear about the happy hour desert menu?”

Umm, yes, we would!

Whoever decided to have happy hour dessert, I love you.

One bite and we were BOTH hooked. The seasoning! The whip cream! Le sign. Go to the Allston Yacht Club. It is deeeelish and they have fantastic drinks and great food deals at happy hour. AND happy hour dessert. Who doesn’t want dessert happy hour?


2 thoughts on “Allston Yacht Club

  1. Bourbon is right up my alley..Please ask that bartender is he is single. I’d marry him. 🙂 By the way, I did laugh at the name “Allston Yacht Club”

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