Tonight was not a blogger fail. Tonight was an eggplant sandwich. I’ve made it before, but there were some select alterations this time.

This time I used panko instead of breadcrumbs (as you can tell there was a small amount of burning, but not so burned as to taste bad). Toppings included goat cheese, prosciutto, tomato, and an onion that the farmers market man said was “so sweet you can eat it raw”.

Side dish was potato “chips” and roasted chickpeas!

Love a roasted chickpea!

I also had some citrus. According to Real Simple it boosts your mood and contributes to a sunny disposition.

Two important items of business:

1) I need to stop buying things because I love how they look on me. I will go broke if this habit continues. Don’t worry M&D, it was only an $18 dress from the Buffalo Exchange.

2) I have a new fav blog! It’s called yes & yes. They have a variety of “lifestyle” related posts and I love their “words of wisdom” section. I found this there:

That is your reality check for the day. Lets be zen now everyone and don’t sweat the small stuff!


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