Elle Woods Was Right

A manicure can fix anything. Can I just say that I didn’t have an “ideal” day today. And you know what, I was OK with it but I was not OK with accidentally leaving my phone at work. FAIL. Say a prayer that it is still there when I go there tomorrow. Anyways, I was OK until I discovered that I left my phone at work and couldn’t call my cross country support network. Cue the freak out. After I got myself under control I talked to this one…

Shes a good listener, but she talks back. Then I got the manicure and went to Walgreens so I can start on a little home improvement project that reminds me about my family…

Moving to LA has been an awesome adventure, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I miss having my support network “across the quad”. There is nothing like friends you know. Sometimes 3,000 miles (or 25 if your Catie or 750 if your Kat) is just too far.

The final offensive for a bad mood?

Suit up kids, it’s dinner time!

I put on some music

and I threw this together…

Roasted veggies (including tomato, zucchini, squash, asparagus, and broccoli)  with a cheese risotto. There was also a glass of red wine and some chocolate. Delicious.

I’m off to bed. Fingers crossed that I manage to wake myself up tomorrow AM!


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