I finally meet a cookie I don’t like

So there is this awesome farmer’s market near my work where there is a mix of made to order food AND veggies and fruits. Plus, its next to the Coffee Bean. Score! I got a ton or arugula for 95 cents and a thing of raspberries. I cannot wait to make oatmeal tomorrow. So anyways, I hit Coffee Bean and got some veggies and then I bought these cookies for $1. Um, not my favorite. I actually only had one of these thin cookies. They were pretty flavorless and also very chewy, but chewy like a store bought cookie. Well, we can’t win them all. There were some great roasted nuts. Next time I will get those for sure!

After work I had happy hour and then went on a run. I made sure I stretched my hip out before starting my run. I did pigeon, butterfly and a few other yoga poses. I stopped my run a little early because I could feel my hip. After I stretched again. I feel ok now but we will see tomorrow. Yoga will be a must do this weekend. I also made this delicious pasta. Basic homemade tomato sauce with roasted broccoli and eggplant. I also added some of the arugula. Yum.

and crap. I’m hungry again. Why am I such a beast today? Night!


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