Into the Groove?

Today I went on my first long run (4.1 miles) in 4 weeks. The last time I ran this run was May 8th- I think. I probably could have waited an extra day due to my heinous sun burn, but today is National Running Day and I was antsy to run to work off the “checking my grades” anxiety. I started slow and felt good but when I got to the “Hilgard Hills” I stopped for a little bit and walked in place because I had a major cramp in my side. Does anyone know a trick to stop a cramp other than stopping and breathing deeply? Then I resumed running and was doing OK until the very end when I had to stop at a stop light. When I started running again my left hip was really sore. Argh! More yoga, more stretching? I think so! I did a bunch of hip openers after I got home (while simultaneously checking my twitter feed, Katherine FTW!) Hopefully I won’t feel too bad tomorrow AM. I’m off to sleep.

andddd because I took too many picture in Chicago, here is my little retriever buddy, Wally…


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