Sweet in Harvard Square

On Monday I had an awesome brunch at Henrietta’s Table in the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square with my college mentor the amazing Theresa Perry. Henrietta’s Table is fantastic! Everyone check it out. Also, it was great to talk with Theresa (or as my family and I call her, Saint Theresa). It reminded me why I went to law school and allowed me to mentally refocus on what is important to me: legal avenues to comprehensive public education reform.

After I met up with Carolyn and she lured me into Sweet in Harvard Square. Actually, I was a willing participant who only needed a little coaxing. And by little coaxing I mean she said, “Oh look, its Sweet!”

Frequent readers know that Sweet is one of my favorite cup cake places. They first opened in Back Bay on Massachusetts Ave. and have now expanded to Harvard Square. I opted for the old favorite the coconut chocolate cupcake.

Oh man do I love Sweet! Light cake deliciousness. The coconut is a temporary thing and I highly recommend it. Sometimes they use too much frosting for some, but this has less frosting and it is so good. Clearly holds its own with cupcake shops of LA.


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